Shower Gift Kit


Shower Gift Kit

  • Looking to treat the exercise lover in your life? Well, whether they're into weights or water sports, running or rowing, boxing or basketball, they'll be sure to love this. Two of our naturally active recovery shower gels to clean them down and get them on the road to recovery, as well as a branded resitance band to add to their kit bag. 

    What's inside?

    Muscle Cooling Shower Gel
    Wash away your soreness from the workout (or even yesterday’s workout), with peppermint oil  proven to cool you down. 

    Clear Breathing Shower Gel
    Exercise makes everyone feel a bit bunged up. So, this pouch is full of eucalyptus, proven to help clear congestion.

    Resistance Band
    Flexible in more ways than one, our branded resitance band gives you the chance to stay fit on the move.